• Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is fast becoming the new standard operating procedure, or method of installing underground utility lines. The many benefits are summarized as quicker, cleaner and more cost effective.
  • Horizontal boring is quicker because it eliminates the need to remove obstacles and buildings or cutting through asphalt driveways, concrete walkways, fences, and gardens. There is no trench to refill and patch.
  • Trenchless Drilling is much cleaner than trenching. Trenchless drilling can be done while normal activities take place above ground. Directional boring under or around obstacles leaves them and the surrounding surface undisturbed. Personal and business traffic can continue uninterrupted.
  • Cost effective.  Work time and labor costs are reduced and days can be cut off of the project time line.
  • This state of the art technology was developed for oil exploration. However, it has been adapted and scaled to meet the requirement of residential and local business customers. The size, flexibility and accuracy of the equipment and instruments is remarkable.
  • Why would you ever let a contractor tear up your yard or breakdown structures just to install water or electrical lines?